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23rd May 2006

10:59pm: Well I did not make cruise this year, oh well. So I am taking twelve credits at Maritime this summer. I am rooming with Berthold (something I said I would never do again) but so far he has not pissed me off.

I had some bad Chef Boyardee last night and have been vomiting since yesterday around 2200. God damn Chef Boyardee, all I need to do know is find a way to make Berthold eat some lol.

I am doing my best to make the best out of not making the cruise. So I will use this time to inflate my GPA with easy classes, and get in shape so I can enter the NROTC MMR program net semester.

The pipe band got a full set of drums, and 10 jackets; so we will be ready to march next year if I can get Fay and Cook playing. I also took the desk, flag, and bookshelf out of sickbay for the clubroom. I am still angry that they are moving sickbay to the basement; I am not looking forward to eventually being the CHC of basement sickbay ha ha.
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23rd December 2005

1:39am: I have not written in the thing for some time. Well the rest of first semester went pretty well, and I passed all of my classes. The MUGs are improving, and now that De Pena is gone we can start teaching instead of constantly punishing them. The Empire State is still in New Orleans, and Nurse says it will not be back until mid March.

I got appointed FSO-S/R of the City Island Coast Guard aux Flotilla. So I get to push paperwork for the Coast Guard as an Auxiliary Officer. This puts me half way to my goal of Pushing Paperwork for the Coast Guard as a commissioned officer lol. Capt. Stone asked the Pipe & Drum Corps to play at the Pearl Harbor memorial service on the pier. This was our first actual job, and I think we did pretty well. O’Brian and I played amazing grace on the Pipes while Burgess played the snare.

Nurse Brady said he would stay at least another semester, but Chrest is leaving Maritime for real this time. I guess after three years at Kings Point, and one year here he has had enough of the Merchant Marine. He is going the enlist in the Maryland Air National Guard, and go to some state school down there. I hope he does well, but his leaving leaves the Hospital Corps with even fewer trained corpsman.

I am taking Statistics at Suffolk over the winter break so I can get back on track with my degree. It really cuts my Christmas break down (classes start 27 December), but it is worth it if it allows me to get out of Maritime on time.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.
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20th October 2005


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18th September 2005

8:57pm: The rest of the week went pretty well with homecoming weekend and all. I finished the first part of the 8 hour security officer training last Thursday, and will finish off the second part of the training this Thursday. The only problem is that the MEU President (Schultz) and I need to find a way to tell the other Cadets that the $35 just covers the training and that there is a substantial registration fee to apply for the state license.

We had Friday Dress Inspection in the morning so that we could lead the MUGs for their pass and review practice for homecoming. There was also film crew shooting part of the Matt Damon moving they have been filming on campus all summer.

Saturday went pretty well the “Commodore” came out and sent the weekend on deck. The pass and review went well, and I gave my cousin and his family a tour of the campus. After they went home I spent the afternoon and early evening drinking with Berue, and the alumni in the quad. Later in the evening we went out to Tinkers. In all Saturday went pretty well.

Today Berue, Burgess, Adam, Gerdy, and I went over to Whitestone to watch Lord of War; which was a pretty good movie.

I am still having frigging problems with my computer’s power inlet so I need to find a way of fixing it before my battery runs out lol.
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15th September 2005

12:49am: Well it is 0019 in the morning, and another week at the Maritime College is half-way over. The last week went pretty well; the MUGs are starting to shape up. They are not as locked up as I would want them, but CIDO seems to be getting better at his job as time progresses. We took away the MUGs smoking privileges, and this has them all riled up, but once they start working together as a class, and start doing what is expected I am sure the Chiefs will give them back that privilege. The Ship was activated by MARAD, and will be down in New Orleans for the next few months. I wish I could have gone down with it, but none of the cadets were allowed to go.

Last weekend I went out to Baiting Hollow to help out with the ordeal. When I got there I found out that the Vice Chief that took over the position I vacated this year was not yet on camp. Brendan stuck me as ordeal master, and well I tired to get the ordeal on track. I did my best, but hey for zero notice I think it went well lol. I also received the Vigil Honor on Saturday night. It was a great weekend, and pretty much everyone who made a positive impact on me throughout my time in scouting was there at some point during the ordeal. So now that I now have my Vigil went to jambo ’04 and got Eagle I pretty much have accomplished everything that I ever wanted to in scouting. I never got to go to Philmont, but I could not be happier with all that scouting has taught me.

On Tuesday I had an interview for a Cadet Guide position with admissions. I hope I get the job (since it is one of the few ways that a cadet can make money on the campus). The interview went pretty well so all I can do now is wait and see. I also had a general meeting of the Pipe and Drum Corps. Most of my officers except the other Squad Leaders attended. I picked a bad day for the meeting as there was a MUG meeting going on at the same time. So I need to schedule a new meeting to get some MUGs in the band. It looks like it is going to be a good year and that I may actually be able to teach some of these guys to play the pipes.

This weekend is homecoming, and that means that it is going to be an interesting weekend… Hoorah!
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29th August 2005

11:49pm: Well things have been very busy for me since the last time I posted in here. I really have not been myself lately so if I have seen distant or a bit flustered I apologize. I guess ill start with indoc first.

Indoc went pretty well, even though it was the most slap-dick thing I have ever seen. I was assigned as a Squad Leader in Section 1 (A3/B3), and served as the Medical Squad LEader for the program, it was not a chief postion like I wanted, but oh well. My mugs were not the most locked up group in the face of the earth, but they are all good people (with the exception of one). Even though I may say I am not happy with the way indoc was run I am still proud to be one of their Squad Leaders. As far as honor section my section (Section 1) just missed it. Section 2 (Laura’s, Eric’s, and Clancy’s section) took honor section. I made just under $350 for working as a Duty Corpsman on my down time during indoc, which gives me a little extra spending money. I have the nurse to thank for hooking me up with the Duty Corpsman job, and Squad Leader. If it was not for his putting in a good word for me with the Captain I would have not been cleared for any of it. I am truly going to miss him when he retires at the end of the semester. No one besides the Corpsman and the Regimental Duty Officers truly know how much he does for this college.

My grandmother went into the hospital last week, and they found a cancerous growth on her vocal cords. After the Drill Competition was over on Saturday I headed over to Stony Brook Hospital to see her. She looked better than I thought she would have, and the MRI showed that the cancer had not spread to the lymph nodes or the lungs. It is still serious, I mean it is cancer after all, but since it did not spread it is the best case scenario we could have hoped for. She is home until they set up a date for the operation. I just hope everything goes well, and she will regain the ability to speak.
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12th August 2005

10:42pm: Well things have been going real well here at Camp Sunny Maritime. McCarthy asked me to be a Squad Leader, so I am assigned to Section 1. I am also still working part time in sickbay as a duty corpsman. I hope there is not a PRT tomorrow because if there is I guess I will be a full-time Duty Corpsman again lol.
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11th August 2005

8:13am: Well my summer since cruise ended went pretty well. I got to see old friends that I have not seen in months, and spend time with my family. I wanted to write more about cruise but I have not had the time to type anything since I got back. If you need any of my pictures from cruise you can just drop by my dorm room or give me a call on my cell. Anyway I reported back to campus yesterday to work indoc. I am working indoc as a Duty Corpsman; it is not Squad Leader like I wanted but hey it is $8 an hour.

I am assigned to a room over on A-1 but the Dean put summer students in it. So I am sharing a room with Dan Coppolo (D-310) until August 25th . Hope fully these two weeks go well.

Well I am off to breakfast and then to Sickbay for work.
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3rd August 2005

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28th July 2005


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22nd May 2005

7:14pm: Well the departure of the TSES was delayed for the third time. We should be leaving at 0800 tomorrow; so I hope that the fourth time is a charm lol.

Pre-cruise went pretty well, and hopefully the cruise goes well.

Well I am off to Europe if all goes well tomorrow 

I hope everyone has a good summer.
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10th May 2005

9:00pm: Well this will be my last update for about two months. I will be heading out to sea on the Empire State on May 21st. Pre-cruise starts tomorrow, we start moving onboard on the 14th and 15th. I will have my cell phone turned on and on my person until the 21st, but after that the phone will be out of range.

I will not have much time to be answering/sending mail, and will not be able to make any phone calls.If you want to stay in contact me please feel free to drop me an E-mail.

My E-mail address while I am overseas will be:

In the event of an emergency a radiogram may be sent directly to the ship:

1. Mobile Marine (WLO) 1-800-633-1312
2. Western Union: 1-800-325-6000 (The TSES’ Call Letters are KKFW)

This year the T.S. Empire State will be stopping at:

Istanbul, Turkey
Marmaris, Turkey
Lisbon, Portugal
Antwerp, Belgium
San Miguel, The Azores
Mallorca, Spain *

*Conduct/time permitting

It should be a fun summer. If I have not already gotten the chance to wish you a good summer in person I hope you have a great one.

I am sorry that I am missing your Eagle Courts (Keller, and O’Reilly), and I will bring you back something from overseas. Hopefully I will have a chance to see all of you between post-cruise and Indoc, but if not I will see you in September.


Cadet Michael Burns 3/C
Corpsman, Stern Division
T.S. Empire State VI
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9th May 2005

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6th May 2005

11:33am: Well I guess all my bitching in the last post was uncalled for.

I passed the STCW with a "C" and that means cruise.
So far it looks like everyone I know passed their STCW.

5th May 2005

11:02pm: Finals week started out pretty well, and is slowly turning into one of the most shitty weeks I have ever experienced.

I have spent the entire week studying for navigation and by doing so I have neglected my other studies. I took the navigation final and the STCW yesterday; it took me three and a half hours. I think I did decently well on the final, but the STCW could go either way.

This was my last shot at passing the STCW and if I do not pass that I fail the class and cannot go on cruise and there goes any chance of getting out of here on time with a commission in the Coast Guard in 4 years.

To top it all off Mate "Fuckin Whale Killer" Barry is waiting until tomorrow morning to post the STCW results so I have been waiting and going out of my mind since Wednesday afternoon. Berthold is in the same situation and he is loosing his mind smashing shit in the passageway. It also looks like one of my friends from my indoc section got screwed out of cruise, I hope there is some way she can appeal the grade and get on the ship.

Well I am off to watch because I got pulled. What better way is there to end the academic year here at lovely Camp Sunny Maritime than to be pulled for the last normal watch of the year when you have a math finial at 0830.

It sucks not being able to do anything about this shit and watching people’s whole year worth of work go down the fucking drain.

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26th April 2005

6:41pm: Well my class got upgraded to 3/C regimental standing today.

Our reg activity was the throwing the IDOs and SQLs off the pier. I was with the groups that threw in Joe Nash, Mercurio, and Jurgans. In all it was a great way to end our time as 4/C and move up to 3/C.

We tried to throw in Count Berthold but he got all pissy, and started to punch and kick people, and he wonders why people do not like him.

Berthold got all bent out of shape when Bernstein splashed him with soapy water in retaliation for Berthold hitting him in the face with liquid Teflon.

Less than two weeks left with Berthold and I am counting the hours.

I can’t wait to be able to actually walk across the quad during the day, thank God for 3/C rates
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22nd April 2005

8:54am: I had my CSQL interview yesterday, I thought it went quite well so now I can only hope for the best.

I just finished My GBUS Case Study on Maersk Sealand. I hate that class with a fiery passion; I believe that I can teach economics better than that poor excuse of an instructor. I know she is knowledgeable in her field, but that in no way qualifies her to instruct in the classroom. A good instructor must have knowledge and the ability to pass on that knowledge in the classroom.

I got Kyle Broderick to cover my Corpsman watch for the weekend so that means that I will be coming home for the first time in a month. I look forward to being finely able to sleep in my own bed for as late as I want lol. So I guess I will spend the rest of this weekend studying Terrestrial Navigation, for Mate Whale Killer’s class.

20th April 2005

9:41pm: Well I just got back from the first SGA meeting of next year’s Government. It looks like we will be more organized than this year thank God. We will have an office, assigned office hours, business cards, and use Robert’s Rules of Order. We will also actually follow our governing document…..hoorah!

Dan Garone won the race for 3/C President; so I passed the torch with a simple hand shake and said the class was his ha ha. Dan is a well organized, well spoken, and logical Cadet, so I feel confident in his ability to lead the class; I look forward to serving under him. At least I still hold a seat on the SGA as a 3/C Rep so I still have an opportunity to continue serving the class, and that will put me in a better position to run for re-election as President next year.

I have an interview for Chief Squad Leader tomorrow; hopefully I do well. I am nervous as all hell, and I need to brush up on MUG knowledge. I hope I get CSQL for next year, but I will be just as happy being a SQL. Well anyway wish me luck.
Current Mood: nervous

18th April 2005

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2:20pm: Well this is the beginning of week four since I have had a chance to go home for the weekend; besides for weekend watch and Ship-work it has been pretty good. I am too lazy to write three weeks worth of information down so I will just sum it up into positive and negative lists.


1) Back in short sleeve kakis
2) The weekends besides Regimental Duties went pretty well.
3) Accepted students day went well
4) I know three incoming MUGs from home for the fall semester (this should prove interesting)
5) Five new people signed up for the Pipe & Drum Corps for next year
6) Mr. Nash said they were putting out a new list for CSQL this week so I still have a chance of getting an interview
7) I made numerous White Castle trips during the weekends.
8) The President of the Parents Assoc promised me funding for next year
9) My work-party was able to run a line to the pier during ship work
10) I am rooming with Bennett next semester, and not Berthold….Thank God!
11) Did I mention that I am not rooming with Berthold next semester; Hoorah!
12) The Corpsman Boat had a pretty interesting race during the Hap Parnham Cup.
13) At the least I am guaranteed a Representative spot on the 3/C SGA, but I am still awaiting the results for the 3/C Presidential race to come in.


1) Weekend watch with Berthold was pure hell
2) Ship-work went longer than normal, and required my work-party moving heavy material from main deck to Tank Top for about 6 hours, after that we spent the rest of the day organizing he soiled linen closet and the cleaning storage room.
3) Dealing with my Berthold’s insistent bitching about petty things (I know that is what I am doing right now, but hey what else is live journal used for lol)
4) I have one more shot to pass a Navigation STCW or I will not be eligible for cruise.
5) Fuckin Math class.
6) Fuckin GBUS.
7) Dealing with the tons of reports that are all due next week.
Current Mood: exhausted

6th April 2005

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31st March 2005

1:05am: Maritime Cheers theme

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All those nights with the drunken fights,
Your gold is in the mail;
And you wish
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And your watch relief didn't show;

Sometimes you don’t wanna go
Where the IDOs know your name,
And the pinks are falling down like rain;
You want to flee were you can’t be seen,
MUG troubles are all the same;
You don’t wanna go where you are known by your last name.

Roll out of bed, the screws ahead;
The morning's looking bright;
And your old girlfriend went off to college,
And didn't even write;
And your roommate wants to be a girl;

Your mad this is the one place in the world
Where the IDOs know your name,
And the pinks are falling down like rain;
You want to flee were you cant be seen,
MUG troubles are all the same;
You don’t wanna go where you are known by your last name.

Where the IDOs knows your name,
And the pinks are falling down like rain;
Where the IDOs knows your name,
And they're never glad you came;
(fade out)
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19th February 2005

2:32pm: The last two weeks at Maritime were pretty interesting.

Last Wednesday I skipped GBUS to attended Ash Wednesday services but I ended up attending a seminar on direct commissioning opportunities in the Coast Guard. I have pretty much made up my mind that I will seek a reserve commission in the USCG after I graduate. I love the sea, and the Coast Guard, so I will be able to spend time doing both (Coast Guard, and shipping out) for a few years while I hopefully save up money for law school.

Last Friday night was pretty interesting; I ran two miles with Berue at around 0330 after several of us spent the night playing drinking games. It was a good night, but I’m just glad that Eric was able to keep certain things from getting out of hand.

Last Saturday was also pretty good. Eric, Kara, Laura and I went to the NYCD Pipers Ball, although I did not get as many people as I had hoped to go I thought it went pretty well. Corrections had a larger band than I thought, and I was surprised to find that the NYCD was O’Brian’s band.

The rest of the next week was pretty boring like most weeks at Maritime are. I spent most of the time studying for the NAVG-201 test. The test was much easier than I thought, but I am happy that I spent the time to look over the materials.

Laura and I have spent this week trying to get Berthold and Kara together. This is proving to be interesting, it is apparent that Berthold likes Kara, and that Kara is flirty around Berthold. So far things look pretty good, and the extra attention Berthold is getting keeps him happy, and as long as he is happy he tends not to bother me so much.

We had a PRT on Thursday afternoon. There has been a flu-like cold going around First Battalion for the last two weeks so sickbay was full of people trying to get LD-Chits to get out of the test. Although I was sick I managed to pass the first two parts of the test with very little number manipulation lol. I failed the run by a minute and a half, but I should be able to pass it (God willing) by the next test. It looks like Cook and I will be back in remedial PT…oh joy.

Thursday also had another surprise for my deck. Mr. Lind came on deck for a surprise contraband inspection. After making himself a nuisance for about forty-five minutes he left. He found scores of headphones, and DVDs (including three of Berthold’s). Thank God he did not find any alcohol on deck.

I just got back from Bitz’s house and about 10 hours of poker. I did not win this time, but it was good to see friends that I have not seen for about a month and a half.
Current Mood: tired

9th February 2005

1:44am: The Pipe & Drum Corps is going to a party run by the NYC Corrections Pipe Band this Saturday. There will be unlimited beer, and food for $25. If you are in going interested (you don’t have to be in the band) give me a call (Ext: 4546) or drop by B-326.

Damn it has been a long time since I have posted in this thing. Christmas break was good I went on a cruse, drank, and slept. I would write more about it but I am just too lazy right now.

I had corpsman watch today everything was normal up in sickbay for the 0700-0800 part of my watch, but when I came back to stand evening sick call there was no roof, and some weird old guy up there who wanted me to sweep the floor.

Besides that we had another waist of time Regimental activity. I don’t mind doing to Reg activities if they are useful or even if they yell at us for something we deserve, but what I do hate is having to go to a reg activity that has a half-assed agenda. Sure I understand the purpose of conducting a meeting at the same time every week, but have a reason for calling one, and don’t half-ass the agenda at the last second. For example this morning at accountability muster we were told there was reg activity, no one know where it was and my IDO told us to find out where it was going to be during the day. Well, no one knew where it was, so I headed back to the dorm to take a nap when all of a sudden I am told to fall out for reg activity. I put on my kakis and go to the “T” where our platoon Cmdr says “keep the deck clean, and third class do not use the urinals in the upper-class head.” That was our reg activity on B3 short and sweet, but damn useless, they could have told us that at taps or have posted something on the “T”-board.

I love Maritime, but the regiment needs to stop half-assing everything, and improve communications between the rates, and the rest of the regiment.
Current Mood: discontent
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